Dear Colleagues,

The corollary of increased effect of the capitalism in the economy has resulted that tourism gains commercial and goods dimensions which deserves an effective management. There is no doubt that there has been increasing interest in new research and ways in which the tourism practitioners might benefit to ameliorate the situation in the sector. The scientists who aim to reach to knowledge, goodness and reality come together to discuss the sustainability of tourism activities and, most importantly, put forth new approaches. Academicians, who can gain new experience and knowledge feel themselves to be free in the conference environment, in addition to the opportunities of sharing their ideas. In order to pursue this aim, I am very pleased to announce that 3rd International Congress of West Asia Tourism Research (IWACT’19), the congress will be held in Van, Turkey on 26th September – 29th September, 2019

On behalf of organising committee of International Congress of West Asia Tourism Research (IWACT’19) taking place from 26th September – 29th September, 2019 and being hosted by Van Yuzuncu Yil University, I would like to invite colleagues with great interest in tourism research to this scientific fair which will provide a scholar platform for the discussion of topics related to tourism research and its wider issues.
Looking forward to warmly welcoming you in Van, Turkey

On behalf of organising committee
Prof.Dr Faruk Alaeddinoglu
(The chair of the committee)

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